Hauver Guitar handmade and repair

Hauver Guitars – Handmade Vintage Style Guitars and Guitar Repair

Hauver Guitars specializes in handmade builds of custom, vintage, 1920’s-30’s Ladder-Braced Stella-Style Guitars and guitar repair.

Handmade Guitars by Michael Hauver

All guitars are built by hand using traditional woods combined with modern building materials and techniques such as: necks reinforced with carbon fiber rods, reversed kerfed lining for stiffening the sides and bolt-on necks for easy adjustments. All together they create a stronger guitar that becomes the modern workhorse for the player who wants a vintage sounding guitar with bones.

Guitar Repair

My approach to building guitars is from a repairman’s view. For years I have repaired and restored early 20th century guitars, mostly from damage due to string tension. Inspired by the Stella guitars of the 1920’s and 30’s, I wanted to combine the ladder bracing patterns and stylistic aspects of the past with modern building techniques and materials. My goal is to have a vintage looking and sounding guitar which would hold up through the life of the instrument.